Soi LK Metro May 2015


Soi LK Metro is a dog leg shaped Soi located between Sois Buakhao and Diana in Pattaya, Thailand.

It first came to prominence in around 2007. In those days it was a handful of small bars plus restaurants, guest houses and shops. The first bar to really become well known was the Rockhouse bar and guesthouse which remains to this day.

The first GoGo bar to open was Champage Agogo. This was followed by a few others such as The Office, Paradise, Kiss and the now gone M.A.S.H and Submarine Agogo bars.

In 2012 there was an explosion of new gogo bars. The first was Queen Club closely followed by Showgirls. Both are large two floor gogo bars although the 2nd floors are rarely used.

By late 2014 there were 14 gogo bars. By the beginning of 2015 however many were for sale. One such gogo, Oscars, simply closed its doors.

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