Sapphire Club


Sapphire Club is located in Soi 15 just off Walking Street, Pattaya. If you enter Soi 15 from Walking Street it is on the right hand side, about 50 metres down. You cant really miss it as it has a huge bright exterior display.

It is without any doubt one of the best laid out and best decorated gogo bars in the city. There is ample and comfortable seating, a central stage, and one of the very best sound systems in town.

In recent months Sapphire Club has developed a reputation as a nightclub as well as a gogo bar – a very fun place to be. You will find female customers there as much as male who go for the overall atmosphere and feel of the club as opposed to just a gogo ogling den. It is without doubt one of the most popular bars in Pattaya and on certain nights, especially those with parties or guest DJs, it gets very busy and seating is at a premium.

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